Outfit | ASOS ruffle knit jumper

ASOS knitted ruffle jumper
Jumper – ASOS // Jeans – Topshop // Loafers – Topshop

Apologies that these photos are not up to my usual standard. Unfortunately my Olympus Pen has broken :(. I’m not sure how it’s happened, but it will no longer take any photos. It all started when my camera ran out of battery whilst I was in Croatia a couple of weeks ago. Luckily it happened on our last evening, so it was no bother. When we got home, I was able to re-charge the battery, turn the camera on and download all of my holiday snaps. However, when I then went to use the camera to take some outfit photos, the lens began to malfunction. After a few attempts of moving in and out, as if it is trying to focus, it eventually stops but a black/blank screen is left on the display and it won’t let me take any photos.
Having only owned the camera for 10 months, I was quite distressed when it happened, especially after trying many classic techniques of removing the battery, trying again, removing the lens and trying again – all to no avail.
Eventually I headed to Twitter to see if anyone else had experienced similar problems, and much to my surprise I found out many of you had encountered similar issues. One only having owned the camera for 3 shorts months! I also found out that the exact same thing had happened to blogger Charlotte Fisher the same day. Very odd and worrying!
I’ve since contacted Olympus via their website, and fortunately they were very quick in replying, which I’m really grateful for. I have now sent the camera to their repair centre and am awaiting news. Luckily the camera is still within it’s 2 year warranty period. I just hope they can either fix it or send me a replacement asap as I’m lost without it!

ASOS knitted ruffle jumper
ASOS knitted ruffle jumper

In happier news, this ruffle jumper is another £1 bargain I picked up in an ASOS sample sale recently. I tend to opt for more muted colours, preferring a monochrome palette, but when I spotted this I couldn’t resist. It’s a bright rust colour in person, and I absolutely love it. Ruffles and frills are continuing into autumn/winter and I hope to own as many items I an shake in as possible! Haha.