Farm Girl Cafe, Notting Hill

Farm Girl Cafe

A couple of weekend’s ago I headed over to West London, in the hope of finally trying the delights of Farm Girl Cafe, located on Portobello Road, in Notting Hill. Not being able to book, and knowing it’s popularity, I was sceptical if we were going to get in. Saturday is probably the busiest day to visit Portobello Road after all. To my dismay the queue was out of the court yard, almost back to the road. However we were told it would be an hour wait, which we were happy to endure. After all this is the cafe that serves up the prettiest lattes in the whole of London. I don’t think there’s a person left who hasn’t seen there beautiful rose and lavender latte at some point on Instagram. It should surely win an award for the most instagrammed drink!
As our excitement built, we edged closer the front of the queue. Countless avocado on toasts and rose lattes passed us, and then finally we were seated! Knowing what drink to choose was easy, but picking a dish to eat was surprisingly difficult. There is so much choice on the Farm Girl menu, and everything sounded incredible. With ingredients such as cashew cream, dragon fruit, nettle and basil pesto, and coconut bacon, we knew we were in for a treat!

Farm Girl Cafe Notting Hill
Farm Girl Cafe Portobello Road
We both ended up choosing the Coconut BLT Sandwich, which consisted of coconut bacon, sliced beef tomatoes, guacamole, homemade cashew cream and toasted almonds. With a choice of either half or full, we were unsure what to go for. Our waiter warned us that a full portion was rather large, however we were super hungry after the wait so decided to go for it. He wasn’t wrong! It was absolutely huge, but for only £9.50, it was pretty reasonable. In fact very reasonable! The selection of ingredients were deserving of a much higher price point, as was the formidable size of the dish. Both things being not something you’d expect to find in a West London cafe.
The rose latte did not disappoint either. How beautiful does it look? Luckily it tastes just as good as looks too! Delicious! If I go again I’d love to try the lavender version.

Farm Girl Cafe

The interior and exterior were just as dreamy as the food on offer. The perfect seat would be outside at the one (and only) small round pink table, which seems to feature in every Instagram photo. However, this is tough to get on a weekend, with a queue a mile long. And unfortunately it had been raining the day we chose to go too, so it was a no no. However, if you stop by in the week, when perhaps it’s a little quieter, definitely try and get this spot in the courtyard – it’s beautiful!
It also seems to be a great place to a do a little celeb spotting, as Rosie Fortescue was in the queue just behind us and proceeded to pass us on her way to the toilet. It was also nice to witness that she too had to queue… However she was given the prime pink table! Hmm.

Rose latte

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