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Ninja Coffee Bar

Both myself and my boyfriend Stewart are massive coffee lovers. Every morning we (painstakingly) hand grind our coffee beans to have a cup of fresh black coffee, out of our cafetiere. We are such coffee geeks that I even went as far as asking for a special kettle for my birthday, which boils water to any temperature you wish – 85 degrees for tea and 90 for coffee normally. This was not a cheap gift, and so we are heavily invested in our coffee making abilities. But we love it! We have a cup of strong black coffee every morning before work, and we love to pop out to a nice independent coffee shop at the weekend to grab a flat white or a piccolo.
This being said, we’ve never owned an actual coffee machine. That is, until now!
Last week when I was in Paris I was also invited to a breakfast event in Piccadilly Circus with Ninja. As I unfortunately couldn’t attend, Stew went on my behalf and spent his morning sampling the delightful coffee produced by their new product, the Ninja Coffee Bar. At the event he was able to speak to likeminded coffee fans from publications all over the country, plus he had the opportunity to chat with representatives from Ninja Kitchen. Whilst at the event he was kindly texting me photos to share on social media and tried to relay how fantastic he thought the machine was and the coffee that it produced. I was sat at breakfast looking at my peppermint tea, wishing the images he was sending me could somehow spring to life.
Alas, that wasn’t possible. However when leaving the event he was very kindly gifted a Ninja Coffee Bar to sample and review at home!

Ninja coffee Machine
Ninja UK

So here it is, my review. To sum up in one word – FANTASTIC!
Having never owned a coffee machine before, I didn’t really know what to expect. But the Ninja Coffee Bar has exceeded any expectations I would’ve had anyway! Not only does it produce mouthwateringly good filter coffee, but it has endless functions to create a range of speciality coffees of your choosing.
Priced from just £169.99, this coffee machine is all you will ever want to fulfil your coffee needs. This one machine can really do it all! It isn’t available to buy just yet but will be launching next month, in time for Christmas, making it the perfect Christmas wish list gift. But it has already been a huge success in the USA, collaborating with actress Sofia Vergara.
Ninja Coffee Bar can deliver the strength and size of coffee you require in just the touch of one button. Simply add water to the vessel on the side, add a couple of scoops of ground coffee into the filter, select whether you’d like a mug, travel mug, half or full carafe, and whether you’d prefer classic or rich. I have tried both strengths and I have to say I prefer rich, but it is very rich! So if you’re not used to drinking black coffee, and prefer to have a touch of milk, I would suggest starting with classic.

Ninja UK coffee machine
Ninja Coffee Bar

Once you’ve made your selections and  hit the button, it will begin to filter your coffee, and it has a handy alarm to let you know when it’s finished. It also features a sliding mechanism at the bottom of the filter to stop it from dripping after you take your mug or carafe away.
The machine is super easy to clean with the filter popping out and requiring just a little warm soap and water. The same with the carafe and mugs, which are included with the machine.
If you fancy something a little more special, the Ninja Coffee Bar includes a recipe book featuring many different options of iced coffee, lattes, mochas, macchiatos… You name it, it has it! It comes with a milk frother with instructions on how much or how little milk your drink requires, depending on whether you’ve chosen a latte or a cappuccino for example.
We decided upon a cinnamon latte and followed the instructions in the recipe guide. Once we’d measured out our coffee and added them to the filter, we selected the mug setting and hit ‘con latte’. This lets the machine know what time of drink you are making and the strength/quantity of coffee and hot water to produce. You then hand froth your milk and pour this over top, and finish with a sprinkling of cinnamon.
I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to make! In the space of Stew dishing up two bowls of cereal, I had made two lattes! I can’t wait to make more and try other recipes for friends when they come to stay. I’m really intrigued by the iced coffee function and so will have to give that a go next.
The one thing we need now is an electric grinder! Although we love our hand grinder it is a painstaking task every morning. We’d still much prefer to use fresh coffee beans than already ground coffee, as the beans keep their freshness for much longer and you can tell the difference between pre-bought ground coffee and freshly ground coffee. So it’s off to find an electric version.

Ninja UK Coffee Bar
Filter coffee machine
Cinnamon latte

The Ninja Coffee Bar is available for pre-order now for delivery in October, and will be hitting stores including Currys, Argos and Lakeland on 1st October.
Available in two carafe options – glass (like we have) for £169.99 or stainless steel for £179.99.
September 6, 2016