Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. Whether you use it for entertaining, simply to prepare food or as the main place the family hang out, there are so many things to consider when designing a new kitchen. From the colour, to practicality and the hard task of making sure that all of the appliances match, designing a new kitchen can be quite a complicated process. Here are some of the top 2016 kitchen design trends to get you feeling inspired:
Brushed Steel
Using metal accents throughout your kitchen is a really on trend look that looks set to continue. Brushed steel is available in different shades and particular popularly when used sparingly on area like taps and light switches. It’s a subtle touch which adds a more urban feel to your kitchen, looking particularly effective in areas where there are
Muted Colour Palettes
Kitchen colours are having a shake up for 2016 with much softer, muted colours becoming much more popular. Pastel shades of pale grey, pale green and soft blues really complement softer wood tones. This much more Scandinavian inspired kitchen look is replacing the high gloss super polished look that’s been in recently. An easy way to incorporate this trend without having to go all out is by switching your furniture for softer wooden styles, at Cox and Cox there’s an amazing selection.
Hanging Plants
Plants are having a real interior moment and there’s nothing like nature to instantly give your kitchen a new look. Ceramic plant pots, cacti and indoor hanging plants are all really popular and can instantly make your kitchen look really modern. Well placed in door greenery, needs to be positioned in the right place to ensure that the plants get enough sun and don’t get in the way.
Copper Accessories
One of the most popular kitchen design trends in 2016 is the return of copper. If you haven’t got any copper in your kitchen at the moment, now is the time. From copper pans hanging above the hob to copper utensil holders and cutlery, if you’re wanting to instantly update your kitchen to make it look more stylish without having to splash the cash, copper is the way forward.
All of these top 2016 kitchen trends are really easy to incorporate into your home, will instantly make it look on trend and won’t cost you the earth.
Why not try out a nice trend in your kitchen today?