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Heading out after work for dinner and drinks is one of the best ways to finish off a hectic day. Once you get home there’s no need to start cooking and you’ve already recovered from the stresses of the day, but dressing appropriately for the two can be a bit of a headache. An outfit which looks fine in a bar doesn’t always bode well in the workplace. Here’s some tips for making sure you get it right, no matter what the event is:
Go plain and dress up
If you’re heading out from work to a cocktail bar then its highly likely you’ll feel underdressed when you arrive there. By wearing something classic and smart to work, such as a fitted black dress, you’ll be able to instantly update your look for girls’ night by removing your tights adding a pair of heels and a necklace.

Depending on the type of business you work for, dress codes may vary. Coast has an amazing range of versatile workwear pieces which are perfect for looking cool and stylish at work but will look just as good in a nice restaurant. A lacy cami top might not be work appropriate alone, but layered underneath a waterfall blazer with a pair of tapered trousers you’ll look office chic and be able to expose those spaghetti straps as soon as you leave the office.
Bright Hues
Most people tend to wear more conservative colours for work, with black, grey and white dominating office environments. This can mean once you get to an after work event, you’re feeling pretty drab. Bright hues can be office appropriate too, as long as you get them right. Try mixing and matching a colourful top or skirt with a plain top to incorporate a bit of colour into your workwear wardrobe, this can make heading out after work feel much more like an event than a chore.
Duster Coats
When it comes to finding a jacket that’s suitable for both the office and after work events, settling on one can be hard. Duster coats are the perfect transitional jacket, looking just as stylish after work as they do hung up in the office coat rail. With dusters available in many colours, whether you go for a traditional camel shade or keep it classic in black is up to you. Pale grey shades tend to be really popular too.
Styling your look from work to a party can be tough, but by following these tips you’ll be able to ensure that you get it just right.
September 19, 2016