Coin Laundry, Exmouth Market

Coin Laundry, Exmouth Market

Last week I enjoyed a much overdue catch up with Sophie over dinner at Coin Laundry, located in Exmouth Market near Farringdon. I hadn’t ever visited this area of the city, so not only was it lovely to see Soph and to experience the delights of Coin Laundry, it was also fantastic to explore a new area of London.
Exmouth Market is home to a variety of bars, restaurants and cafes. Towards the end of the street you will find Coin Laundry on the corn, a large restaurant with seating at ground and basement level. The décor surprised me. Whilst the pub like exterior is reflected in the retro menu, the interior of the restaurant is kept industrial and minimal, yet retains a cosy ambiance. As I’ve mentioned the menu is retro, think 70s/80s classic with a modern twist. For example prawn cocktail, coronation chicken, faggots, spaghetti hoops and chicken kiev. Sounds crazy right?! Except it’s not. The menu is kept simple, literally just the title of the dish, to keep you guessing perhaps? Or to surprise you when the food arrives and looks equally as high quality and perfectly plated as any other restaurant you’ve previously visited. Honestly, the presentation was stand out. As was the flavours. Each dish had its own unique taste and scent, as did each of the cocktails!

We were there to try the new summer menu and so some of the food and drink we ordered isn’t currently listed on their online menu. However, let me do my best to describe what we had.

Coin Laundry
Coin Laundry, Exmouth Market, Farringdon
Coin Laundry cocktails

We began the evening with a couple of cocktails – mine being a bourbon, cider syrup, ginger beer and lime mix called Stone Fence, and Sophie’s being a prosecco, apple and lemon drink called The Flipper. They came with a shot glass of jelly beans which kept our hunger at bay whilst we perused the menu. Each cocktail looked and tasted so good that we couldn’t resist ordering each other’s for our second round.
For starters we shared the coronation chicken which came served in a puff pastry pie with shavings of beetroot infused pickled egg. Plus the deep fried marrow which to begin with I though was bone marrow but in actual fact turned out to be the vegetable marrow which I was pleasantly surprised at. I have to say the coronation chicken stole the show. It looked absolutely beautiful! Definite photo worthy food.

Coin Laundry starters
Food at Coin Laundry, Exmouth Market
Coin Laundry menu

For mains I randomly chose the chicken kiev, which is a dish that I grew up disliking. Probably because we ate it too often and my Mum served it with bland mash potato. However Coin Laundry have reinvented an old classic by adding a side of either cauliflower cheese (which I obviously had to pick) or buttered leaves. Plus the kiev was stuffed with a delicious pesto like filling. And how cute is the little paper crown and branded chewing gum addition? Just in case it’s a first date and you’re worried about the smelly breath!
Sophie opted for the runner bean balti with rice and potato naan. A word of warning, this dish was spicy! Both me and Soph like spicy food but this was a little too much to handle for both of us. However it looked exceptional and was packed full of vegetables. A really stand out dish, great for the curry fans.

Coin Laundry chicken kiev
Coin Laundry chicken kiev
Coin Laundry runner bean balti

For dessert we shared the Pimm’s Jelly which included actual pieces of cucumber in the jelly, plus strawberries and a Granny Smith apple sorbet. Mmm!
Pimms jellyAll in all it was a lovely evening and a pretty cheap night. Starters are priced between £6-£8 and mains no more than £15 (for a steak!). Cocktails are as you expect between £8-£9. So if you’re heading to Exmouth Market or have never been to this area of London like I hadn’t, I would highly recommend Coin Laundry for a relaxed and fun day or evening. They also have a breakfast and brunch menu which looks equally as delicious. Really want to try the corned beef and Bovril hash. Ha!

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