Kell Skött Haircare, Notting Hill

Kell Skott haircare, Notting Hill

You may have seen me mention in a post last week that I received a fantastic hair treatment and blow dry at Kell Skött Haircare, in Notting Hill recently. Their principal stylist Darron gave me a fantastic makeover including a luxurious hair treatment called ‘Micro Mist’ plus a quick trim and blow dry.
Not having heard of a micro mist before, I was intrigued to see what it was all about and what it would do to my hair. I must admit I hadn’t had a hair cut in a while and I’m not the greatest at taking care of my hair. So I was really pleased to hear that the micro mist would nourish my hair and help the damage done to my hair.
In essence the mist allows the conditioner to permeate deeper into the hair cuticles, combined with the conditioner itself it helps to restore damaged hair. I was given the most luxurious of all the conditioning treatments by a brand called Alterna. Their Caviar range helps not only repair hair but also acts towards anti-ageing. I’ve never thought about anti-ageing when it comes to hair but actually your hair is just as important as your skin and as we grow older we should really look after it. The Caviar shampoo and conditioner is really the elite in haircare – rich in omega-3 that helps deliver moisture and shine. Plus caviar extract and vitamin C to help with chemical, environmental and natural ageing.

Micro mist hair treatment
Micro mist hair treatment

After shampoo and conditioner my hair was coated with a masque before heading under the micro mist machine. The machine lasts for 10 minutes, blowing out a hot mist for 8 of those minutes and then finishes with a cool mist to close the pores and lock all of the goodness in.
Although it was warm, and it was also a hot day, I didn’t feel overly hot. The machine has a curtain that goes around the head so the mist only touches your hair, no part of your face and so you don’t feel too warm. The cooling mist is also not overly cold, in fact it felt lovely. It’s basically like a sauna for your hair!
I then had the masque washed off and was left in the very capable hands of Darron who looked after me for the rest of the appointment.

Kell Skott hair cut
Kell Skott blow dry, Notting Hill

Darron gave me a quick trim and an incredible blow dry. I mean, just look at my hair in the photo above!! I left the salon feeling absolutely amazing and I couldn’t wait to meet Stew and show my new do off (insert sassy emoji). It was the perfect start to my Friday evening.

Notting Hill
Notting Hill

The salon is set in the beautiful area of Notting Hill, in West London, a stone’s throw away from Portobello Road. They really couldn’t have picked a prettier area. I wish I’d had more time to stroll around afterwards, but alas I had to quickly hop back on the tube towards Chelsea to meet Stew, where we had dinner at The Artisan Bistro. Read all about that here.

Sweet Monday blog outfit

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