MAC Lipstick Review

MAC lipstick swatches, whirl, twig and kinda sexy

I’m not particular adventurous when it comes to make-up, my everyday routine doesn’t vary all that much to when I’m going out. I just add a little lipstick! From this my obsession with lipsticks has grown massively. It’s the easiest way of updating your look from day to night, and also completing your outfit. I very often use a bright lip as a way of accessorising my look.
And from my fascination with lipstick growing, so has my colour palette. I have just about every colour from deep purple to neon pink, from soft blush to natural nude. And of course a variety of classic reds! (You can never have to many).
Although I’ve experimented with colour, I haven’t experimented with brand. I mean, why fix something that isn’t broke?! I LOVE MAC lipsticks. Ever since I bought my first matte MAC lipstick in ‘Russian Red’, I knew this was the lipstick for me. I love their strong pigment and long lasting power. Some of my friends feel that the matte effect dries their lips out, but I find the complete opposite. I don’t feel that MAC lipsticks are drying at all, and I love the way the matte effect looks. That being said, I have also tried their satin finishes which adds a little shine to the lip, like this one from House of Fraser called ‘Twig’. I wore this out the other evening and found that it didn’t last quite as long as the matte finish does on me, but I expect to have to reapply after eating, so it didn’t bother me. However, I must say that normally I don’t have to reapply very often at all which justifies the higher price point of MAC for me. Their lipsticks are of such great quality and really do last throughout eating and drinking.
MAC whirl lipstick swatch
MAC whirl, twig and kinda sexy

I absolutely adore their ‘Whirl’ shade. Up until now ‘Velvet Teddy’ has been my favourite but this could soon take over. I’ve also wanted to own ‘Kinda Sexy’ for ages, so I’m happy now have it from House of Fraser. Their lipstick and MAC range is fantastic!
I do feel like I should perhaps branch out into other brands, but when I know the MAC range, which colours I like and which finishes suit me, it’s hard to move away. I found these three new shades my simply Googling their names and looking at a variety of swatches and reading blog reviews. I find reviews help with the buying process a lot. Especially with make-up, when you might not be able to get into store to try it out in person. Like with this purchase, I simply looked online before finalising my chosen colours… Luckily they suit me!
MAC collection
Are there any colours you particularly love or want to buy? Do you have any of the same ones as I do? Do you like the matte effect?

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