Big Easy, Kings Road

Big Easy Kings Road

Now I have to admit, I haven’t been to Big Easy in a while. In fact it was last summer that I went there with Stew and a friend, but I thought it was worth posting about and adding to my ‘London Eats’ library. I can’t believe it’s actually been a year since we feasted on this delicious platter. I must make a trip there again soon!
You may have heard of Big Easy if you’re a fan of Made In Chelsea. The cast are regularly spotted in the Kings Road restaurant and I believe it’s even featured on the show. With three locations dotted around London – Covent Garden, Kings Road (Chelsea) and Canary Wharf – Big Easy is a must for anyone coming to London for a holiday. Renowned for their lobster and BBQ meats, Big Easy is a fun, vibrant dining experience with delicious food and scrummy cocktails. Think American Texas BBQ meats Italian red and white lined tables. The atmosphere is electric! With not a lot of space, they cram a fair amount of tables in, but what they lack in room they make up for in ambience. I personally loved the dining experience of being (almost) sat on someone’s lap from the table next to you. On a busy night, it makes you feel like part of the family, hence the reference to Italy. It’s a warming, cosy, jolly vibe. Everyone’s got a smile on their face in between getting stuck into a rack of ribs, or expertly pulling apart a lobster.

Big Easy lobster

The food is messy, I won’t lie, but you’re given Big Easy branded plastic bibs which reminded me of many lobster shacks I visited in San Francisco many years ago. The mess and the ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ just adds to the fun of it! For the most part the lobster has been cracked open so it’s relatively easy to get at. But they do supply all the tools for you to really dig deep. We opted for a mixture of ribs and lobster which was a great shout. I probably would’ve just stuck with the lobster but I’m so glad I got to try some ribs. They were the most succulent, juicy, tasty ribs I’ve ever had! I think I may have preferred them over the lobster. Which is scandalous as I LOVE lobster. They were just so damn good!

Big Easy lobster and ribs
Big Easy, lobster restaurant, Kings Road Chelsea

We booked a table for a Saturday night and the Kings Road restaurant was packed. Literally not a spare seat in the place. So I’d definitely recommend booking in advance. They often have specials and daily deals available too. If I remember correctly we each got a whole lobster, chips, salad and a frozen margarita for £20. Which I didn’t think was too bad considering it’s in Chelsea and a bit of a celeb favourite.

London restaurants, Big Easy

As you can see from the images we also shared a bunch of other sides including beans and coleslaw and it was all far too much food. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies. But it was a Saturday night, a good friend was in town visiting, so why not splash out and gorge yourself into a food coma?! It’s like my favourite thing to do haha.
Have you visited Big Easy before? Are you a lobster fan?

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