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Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips

Just over a week ago I received this box of Mr Blanc teeth whitening top ups to try out. I have never previously whitened my teeth, but it has always been something at the forefront of mind. I have always suffered from a discolouring to my teeth, but have noticed it more so since the introduction of black coffee to my diet.
I have never been one to smile with my teeth on show. That’s not to say I’m not a happy person, or that I’ve been particularly paranoid about my smile. I have just never felt that I have the ‘perfect’ smile or set of teeth. Since growing up and moving into my late twenties, I now realise that no one has the perfect anything! And I have learned to be happy with my body and features. However, I just like many others, would always like to improve things, or keep things well maintained. Not in any drastic form but with the use of beauty products, make-up and now teeth whitening strips!
Teeth whitening can be costly and although I’ve always wanted to try it, I’ve never been able to justify the price tag that goes with it. So when I heard about Mr Blanc, I was very excited to see the affects! I had noticed a lot of celebrity endorsement around the brand, with some of my favourite reality stars having brilliantly white smiles, making me even more excited to get started.
That’s not to say that I went into this thinking I would come out with a celebrity set of teeth! I know that that would not be possible, and probably not something I even want. I mean no one wants a Ross Gellar moment of glow in the dark whiteness ha! But I knew that even the slightest appearance of whitening could make the difference, and make me feel more comfortable with my smile.

Mr Blanc teeth whitening
Mr Blanc teeth whitening instructions

One of the best things about Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips, is how easy they are too apply. The step by step instructions on the back of the box detail how to apply a strip to the top row of your teeth. However, my tip would be to start with the bottom, if like me you want to whiten both top and bottom. I found it much easier to first apply the bottom strip, followed by the top. When I did it the other way around, I found that the bottom strip stuck to the top one and began to dissolve almost immediately.
You simply remove the strip from it’s individual package, place it on to the teeth, pressing firmly for a few seconds. Then bend it over the teeth and secure it around the back of your teeth. I used my tongue to do this and smooth it all out.
The strips last for about 15 minutes until they completely dissolve and leave a nice minty flavour in your mouth.
I applied one strip to my bottom teeth, and one to my top, once a day for 7 days for this review. I first started to notice some results after around day 3-4. My teeth began to look much brighter and whiter. After this any further improvements slowed down, and by day 7 they hadn’t really whitened anymore.
However I am really pleased with the instant results and for just Β£19.99, the Mr Blanc Express Top Ups are very reasonably priced for a quick fix. They also sell a variety of 2, 4 and 6 week supply boxes.
Below are a few photos showing the progress of whitening. As you can see at day 4 there was some noticeable difference in the colour of my teeth. If you scroll right to the very bottom the before and after shots show this more clearly. Sorry the photos aren’t amazing, it’s really hard to photograph your teeth!

Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips before and after
Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips before and after
Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips before and after
Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips before and after
Mr Blanc 7 day teeth whitening trial
7 day teeth whitening trial
Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips 7 day trial
Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips before and after
Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips before and after

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer if you leave a comment.
And just to note, one thing I forgot to mention was that I felt no pain or sensitivity with these strips. I can’t speak for everyone, but that was my initial worry and I was very pleased that I didn’t encounter this problem.