Beauty // Jouvé Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Cream review

Jouve dark spot corrector and brightening cream

I have long suffered with blemishes ever since I was a teenager and started puberty. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I had acne, but I would often get the odd very nasty spot from time to time. In fact, I still do on occasion. Over the years some of these spots have left scarring on my face, and I suffer from permanent red areas over my cheeks and chin. A friend of mine suggested I give Jouvé a try – a beauty brand who has created two very specialist products to help make skin more radiant. One of which, called Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream, is to help reduce redness of the skin, blemishes and overall give a more even skin tone. Whilst the other, Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum, is designed to lift and firm the skin, making the skin look more youthful.
Using a tester of the Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream, I decided to document the changes to my skin by taking a series of photos from before, after day 1 and after day 7. Although the tester tube is small it easily lasts for a full week as the cream goes a long way.
This Jouvé product claims to correct, even out, hydrate and nourish the skin and I couldn’t wait to see if it did just that for me. I used this product twice a day, morning and night after washing my face, cleansing and toning. You simply work a little bit all over the face and leave to dry before adding make-up. It’s also best to use a primer before applying make-up to help protect the good work of Jouvé.
Whilst rubbing lightly all over the face, I also tried to concentrate on my problem areas. When I’m not wearing make-up, the redness of my skin is very prominent in places. It often gets me down and I never step outside without wearing make-up because of this. So I was eager to see if I would see any results from this simple, yet effective product. One week probably isn’t quite long enough to see true results, however, even after day one, there was some noticeable differences to my skin.

When we look at my full face, I can personally notice some reduction in redness, particularly too my right cheek and chin. I had not long had a rather nasty spot appear on my chin, so I was really impressed to see that the cream started to work after just day 1!

Before and after review of Jouve dark spot corrector and brightening cream

Below I have taken three photos of my chin, my most prone area to redness. As you can see, my skin definitely improved over the course of a week. Again, the results may look minimal to yourself, but for me this was a vast improvement on what I’m used to. Plus I think if I continue to use the product, my skin will go from strength or strength, a week is not always long enough to gauge definitive results.
So whether it is in the morning or in the evening before bed, it is always best to apply the cream to a clean face. The cream is a light, wet consistency and can take a couple of minutes to dry. It’s always worth letting the cream fully dry before going about your daily make-up routine, or before getting in to bed. This will ensure the product has optimum time to work it’s magic.
Jouvé also sell a skin tightening serum that is supposed to tighten up the skin, taking years off you. For the purpose of this review I have only used the Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream though, because for me, the redness to my skin has always been the main issue.

Before and after review of Jouve dark spot corrector

My left cheek has always been rather good compared to my right cheek, so I didn’t see huge results here. However there wasn’t a huge amount to work with and I had just managed to inherit a fresh blemish the same day as starting the course. Typical!

Review of Jouve dark spot corrector and brightening cream

However, on my right cheek, which has always been a problem area, I saw much better results. Here my skin has visibly reduced in redness, my skin tone is generally much more even, with only the odd blemish and my skin looks much brighter.
By apply this cream morning and night, it also doubles up and saves you applying a day and night cream to the face. So not only is it doing something great for your skin but it is also cutting time off your daily beauty regime.

Jouve dark spot corrector review

I thought I’d also include a photo with make-up applied after I had finished the one week course of cream. So that not only can you see the different in my natural skin tone, make-up free. But you can also see what this means when applying make-up too. My skin in generally looks much more even all over my face and I didn’t need to use any concealer on ‘problem’ areas as I would normally.

Using Jouve dark spot corrector with makeup

I hope you liked this post. It’s a little more personal than I normally get on here. I don’t remember the last time a stranger saw my face make-up free!
Do you suffer from similar redness and blemishes that I’ve mentioned? Do they effect your confidence?
Have you heard of Jouvé before? If you would like more information on the two products that Jouvé sell, you can contact my friend Jo Carter on the details supplied at the bottom of her website.