SuperStar BBQ, St Giles High St

Superstar BBQ

You may or may not know that the wonderful Michelle from Daisy Butter has returned to London from Hong Kong, and last week I was FINALLY reunited with her! Not only was it amazing to see her and catch up on a whole years worth of life, but we also got to do so over her favourite food – Korean food!
I have only tried Korean food a couple of times, and was still yet to try a Korean BBQ, so I jumped at the chance to review SuperStar BBQ, in Holborn, with her last week.
Luckily not only is Korean food one of Michelle’s favourite cuisines, but she’s also visited Korea! So she was a dab hand at ordering our food. Needless to say, I let her lead the way on choosing dishes. I eat pretty much everything so I knew I’d be happy with anything she chose. 
We started with the two delicious cocktails pictured above. I went for their Kojito – an unusual twist of the classic Mojito, made with soju. Michelle chose the Fallen Angel in Busan, which again was soju, lime, mint and raspberry. We then picked a range of dishes to share, including sirloin steak and pork belly for the bbq.

Superstar BBQ London
Superstar BBQ Holborn

For starters we shared Korean fried chicken. You can’t eat at a Korean restaurant without trying their fried chicken. Although it’s acronym is KFC, it is far from the fast food chain. The chicken is mouth wateringly succulent and the batter is light in comparison. We order 5 pieces with a kimchi mayo. 

Korean BBQ London
Korean BBQ Holborn

For the bbq we opted for a sesame and garlic sirloin, wine belly pork and mixed vegetables. Once our waiter had turned on the bbq, we only had to wait a couple of minutes for it to heat up before we could start cooking. 
We also ordered a side of lettuce and miso paste which went beautifully with the bbq’d meat. You can gently coat the cooked meat in the miso paste and then wrap it in the lettuce, to add a fresh crunch to the meal. 
To go with this we opted for a glass noodle dish which complimented everything really well, and added some carbs to the meal. 

Korean BBQ
Korean food in London
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We also ordered a bibimbap, which is a rice and mixed vegetable dish, cooked and served in a hot stone bowl, with a fried egg on top. You can either have this as it is or you can add meat, which we did – the beef boolgogi. You can break the egg up whilst it’s hot and mix everything together. This was my favourite dish of the night. I’ve had bibimbap only once before, in Japan, and loved it. It’s so tasty, and when you get near the bottom, the rice is crunchy from where it’s cooked and stuck to the bottom of the bowl. I probably sound weird, but I really like it!

Korean restaurant London

And there we have it, my first Korean bbq experience. We over did it with how many dishes we ordered, and ended up leaving a bit of the meat. Everything looked and sounded so good, we couldn’t resist. 
Realistically between 2 people, you could probably just order 3 dishes for the bbq plus 1-2 others, rather than 3 others (including a huge bibimbap) and chicken to start. Ha!
However, if you are feeling particularly ravenous, most of the dishes are priced at just £5-£10, so it won’t break the bank! 🙂

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