Event // An evening at Cowshed Spas with Optiwell

Cowshed Spa Shoreditch

My first blogger event of the year, in January, was possibly the best event I’ve ever been too. Hosted by the team at Optiwell, I was treated to a massage and manicure at Cowshed Spas, Shoreditch
Optiwell is a new yogurt drink that has recently launched, with Holly Willoughby as the brand ambassador. It contains no added sugar and is just 64 calories per glass. The team were hosting the event to promote Optiwell as a healthy alternative to snacking. As I love food and often snack between meals, I was interested to try the yogurt drink and hear more from the brand. 
I’m sure we can all admit to starting the year with New Year’s resolutions, probably about how we want to be healthier and exercise more. I’ve really tried to cut down on my sugar intake since Christmas and during the evening I was able to speak to a nutritionist who had taken a look at my blog and had prepared some healthy recipes for me to try my hand at. One of which was a muffin recipe using quinoa. I’d never heard of using quinoa in baking before, and I’m ashamed to say that I’m still yet to try her recipe. Whilst writing this post, I’ve brought the recipe to the forefront of my blogging notebook, to remind myself to try it out. 

As the course of the evening progressed I was able to chat to other like-minded bloggers, many of whom I hadn’t previously met, and we nibbled on healthy snacks and were treated to a yummy smoothie made with Optiwell. 
I had never been to Cowshed Spas before either. They have a couple dotted around London. The massage I received was incredible! It was exactly what I needed after a hectic day in the city. I wish I could afford, and had the time, to get them more often. You feel so great afterwards!
All in all it was a fantastic evening of pampering. I came away feeling so relaxed but also so invigorated to make a change in my diet. It’s definitely not the easiest thing, to cut out sugar, and I wouldn’t say I’ve cut it out, more cut down. I know sugar is a hot topic at the moment and every day I see a new stat on how many teaspoons is in a soft drink, or in a granola bar. It’s really quite scary when you begin to look into it! Especially when I tend to have a couple of drinks every weekend. However, I don’t want to be too hard on myself. I feel that after a busy week, and no sugary midweek snacks, I deserve a G&T or two come Friday night. And hey, if it’s slimline tonic, even better!!