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Chi Kitchen

Last week I attended, what could be, the best blogger event to date! For the past year or so, my blog has incorporated many recipes and restaurant reviews. This has in return brought new opportunities to collaborate with food brands, chefs and restauranteurs. It helps that I’m a massive foodie – I’m inspired by good food, I love eating out and equally getting creative in the kitchen at home.  From traveling Australia and North East Asia, Asian food has become my favourite cuisine. When an invite to a masterclass at Chi Kitchen, dropped into my inbox, I immediately RSVP’d. Not only was this a chance to cook Asian food and experience a recently opened restaurant, but it was also a chance to meet a celebrity chef – Ping Coombes, winner of Masterchef 2014!
The evening was an intimate affair, with a handful of food and lifestyle bloggers, (attempting) making a range of Asian dishes. The masterclass kicked off with an impressive start – this smoking platter of canapés! I’m a sucker for dry ice and this was really a showstopper as we sipped on hibiscus bubbly. The canapes included California sushi rolls, calamari (which was cooked to perfection), satay chicken and (if memory serves me correctly) a delicious crispy chicken with pomegranate. 

Chi Kitchen masterclass with Ping Coombes
Chi Kitchen Oxford street

The masterclass started with a couple of us making roti dough and then rolling it out, flipping it, stretching it, and finally frying it. This was a much harder process than I first thought. It was fair to say that we all struggled to master the technique of getting air into the roti. There were many tosses, flips, throws and just about every manoeuvre you could make with your hands, but alas we were in awe of the head chef who expertly created a deliciously crispy roti. 
Next up was a fresh, prawn salad called Nyonya Kerabu. Now this was far easier. Consisting of mixing a variety of raw vegetables, cooked prawns and a spicy dressing, we were all able to create this one!

Ping Coombes, winner of Masterchef 2014
Chi Kitchen, Debenhams Oxford Street

Once everyone had had a good go at making something we all took our seats to enjoy our feast. Chi Kitchen had kindly rustled up a number of other dishes, and our table was soon full of a variety of beautiful foods. 
The laksa was my favourite. It’s flavours were fantastic… So much so, that I was tempted to pick the bowl up and drink the entire thing! I’m glad I didn’t though, as there was so many gorgeous dishes, I had to try a bit of everything. The crispy beef and prawn fried rice were equally as tasty, plus a uniquely fragrant duck and watermelon salad. To compliment on the eating, we were able to sip on a delicious raspberry mojito. 

Chi Kitchen, Pan-Asian restaurant on Oxford Street
Chi Kitchen, Oxford Street
Ping Coombes, Chi Kitchen

Feeling very satisfied and thinking the night was coming to an end, spoons were placed in front of us. As much as I love Asian cuisine, I’ve never been a fan of their sweet desserts. They’re normally too sweet for me, however when this beautiful green tea creme brûlée was placed in front of me, well it would’ve been rude to not have a bite! 
Underneath the rich and smooth ice-cream was a number of different layers of green tea goodness, covered in a crispy topping that had (I presume) been blasted with a blow torch, as it had caramelised into perfection!!

Chi Kitchen, Asian cuisine in London, green tea creme brûlée

I have honestly never been treated to so much food and drink at event before. The owner, staff and head chef of Chi Kitchen were all very welcoming, and couldn’t do enough for us. It was a really special evening, and a fantastic opportunity to cook with Ping! I’m hoping to attend her book launch at Chi Kitchen in a few weeks too. 
As with most events there was a goody bag and it continued the theme of perfection with a thai beer, bottle of sparkling sake (yes, sparkling sake is a thing apparently!) and a bag of crispy kale chips. 
If you’d like to dine at Chi Kitchen, they can be found at the back of the ground floor in Debenhams, Oxford Street. They’re also open for breakfast and lunch courses (7am – 11pm Monday – Saturday, and 11.30am – 10pm Sunday), making them a great spot to grab a bite when shopping. It’s often hard to find good food on or around Oxford Street and I would highly recommend Chi Kitchen. The prices are very fair considering the location too. Starters are £4-£6 and mains £10-£16. Plus they offer a range of dim sum, sushi and sashimi. 
And a massive thank you to Sauce Communications for organising the evening 🙂