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Wagamama ramen

wagamama have been perfecting their ramen dishes for over 20 years now, and in celebration they have launched two new flavours – seafood ramen and short rib ramen. When my boyfriend and I stopped by last week we opted for one of each, and weren’t disappointed!
I had previously tried classic pork ramen so I was excited to try these new flavours. wagamama have always hailed ramen as a ‘nutritionally complete meal in a bowl’. With noodles, vegetables, meat and a healthy broth, ramen really has a bit of everything.
Since visiting Japan last year, ramen has been a favourite of mine and Stew’s ever since. The dish has garnered much popularity in the last couple of years, but wagamama have been singing it’s praises for decades!

Wagamama beer
Wagamama Asian beer

We headed to their Soho branch on Great Marlborough Street, and were immediately seen by a member of staff who let us peruse the menu, before ordering a round of drinks. Having been to wagamama on numerous occasions we knew how it worked and appreciated the familiar, inviting surroundings. I love that they often have long tables where you will be sat near other couples, families, or groups of friends. I know some people don’t like this way of dining, but since traveling Asia we got used to it and often miss the buzz. Although you’re surrounded by people, it’s still easy to switch off and be engrossed in conversation, as if no one is there at all.On this occasion we were sat at high tables with stools, and we began by choosing two Asian beers to drink. Stew opted for the Iki beer that had a note of green tea infused, and I chose the Hitachino Nest beer which has a number of flavours including coriander, nutmeg and orange peel. We also ordered a side of fried duck gyoza to compliment our drinks.

Short rib ramen
Seafood ramen

Most dishes at wagamama are quick to cook, so your food doesn’t take long to be served. Staff make a point of saying that dishes can come out at different times, as everything is cooked from fresh ingredients on a made to order basis. I can imagine this annoying my parents, but I love it. It’s good to know that your food hasn’t been sat under a heat lamp or shoved in the microwave. This style of cooking is reflected in the taste. Everything is succulent and feels healthy.The short rib was particularly mouthwatering. I need a little help from a knife and fork to tear it apart, but it was so succulent. It literally fell from the bone! I was so engrossed in my own dish that I didn’t have chance to try Stew’s seafood ramen, but he assured me it was tasty. He added a little hot sauce and chilli to his as he loves a kick, but I found that the short rib already had a touch of heat to it.

Wagamama short rib ramenwagamama’s ramen dishes are great value. Prices start from just £8.95 and the bowls are HUGE. Other flavours on their menu include duck, chilli chicken and yasai. Ramen is super filling anyway so the portion size is fantastic for the price. It certainly makes a hearty lunch and a great dinner choice.

March 15, 2016