A Designer Experience with Farfetch


Last week I experienced a very special evening where I was able to meet the team at Farfetch and Feathers boutique. Farfetch is an online global community, with over 400 hundred fashion boutiques and more than 1000 labels, offering an inspirational experience for all of their fashion conscious customers. They have carefully selected each boutique that sits on their site, giving a unique approach to fashion with a diverse range of brands. Located all over the world, from Paris to New York to Bucharest, Farfetch offer a shopping experience like no other. When you order through Farfetch it is delivered directly from the boutique to your door. Or alternatively you can choose to collect your order from the boutique, giving you the opportunity to experience the boutique and designers first hand.
Recently I had the fantastic opportunity of meeting the in store team at Feathers, located on Hans Crescent, London. As I stepped out of the underground tube station, I was greeted with the dazzling lights of Knightsbridge and found Feathers just a few steps away. With opening times until 8pm Monday to Saturday, I was able to enjoy a relaxed evening inside the store, and receive expert advice on the designers that Feathers hold.
The evening began with a brief introduction to each designer and a walk through the boutique’s overall layout. As we began chatting about the pieces I received hand-picked garments that the team thought I may like, based on my personal style that they had viewed through my blog and social media platforms. This was a lovely touch and made my experience of Feathers that much more beneficial and enjoyable.
Feathers boutique KnightsbridgeI found myself being drawn to the front of the store where they had a selection of monochrome coloured items with incredible attention to detail. Think crisp white shirts, billowing long line blouses and boxy shapes. The mix of textures from pieces by the likes of Vivetta and No 21 really caught my eye. Combined they offer beautiful embroidery; lazer cut details and intricate lace throughout their collections.
Moncler, Farfetch
As the evening progressed, I continually found myself coming back to one piece in particular – the Cyclamen padded jacket by Moncler. Super lightweight in design with feather down quilting, the jacket features a padded front and a layered back. It was the detailing to the back of the jacket that I loved. It had an almost cape like style, making it look like two completely different jackets when comparing the front and back. I tried it on in a fantastic military green shade, but it is also available from Farfetch in another colourway – a beautiful pale pink. They also have an embellished version of the jacket available, which features a floral design to the collar.
Moncler, Farfetch
Moschino, Feathers boutiqueI couldn’t leave Feathers without taking a glance at their Moschino collection. Although it’s not to my personal taste, I couldn’t resist taking a peak at the range. Moschino is such a fun designer with super elaborate designs. Jeremy Scott took over the brand as creative director in 2013, and brought with him his loud and proud attitude to fashion. Since then he’s carved a niche within the accessories world, with Moschino’s iconic phone cases being seen just about everywhere. It was hard to leave Feathers without bringing the new Fresh iPhone 6 cover away with me – and the eau de toilette backpack is all kinds of amazing!
Feathers London
Overall the evening was a great success. I came away with an increased knowledge of designer brands, and I was able to take a closer look at items that I had often coveted on the runways of fashion weeks across the world. It was lovely to meet the girls at Feathers in person and have that guidance when browsing the shops offerings. It’s safe to say my upcoming birthday wish list has grown dramatically thanks to Farfetch.Farfetch
Photos courtesy of Kaye

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