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Real Techniques brushes review
Real Techniques powder brush and concealer brush – Makeup Brushes

Real Techniques have been my ‘go to’ in terms of makeup brush for many years now. Not only do they look beautiful (rose gold + black = winning combo!), but they’re also incredible soft and durable. I’ve had many of mine for at least 3-4 years. I clean them regularly and they have stayed in great condition – they’re almost as smooth as they day I bought them. 
I’m always looking to build my collection of brushes, mainly because they look so pretty on my dressing table, plus it’s always good to invest in a great brand that will last. are a fantastic stockist of Real Techniques, plus other brands including So Eco, Barry M and The Vintage Cosmetic Co. With over 600 products and free 1st class delivery, they’re definitely a stockist you should bookmark! 
I opted for the Real Techniques Powder Brush and Concealer Brush this time around. I’ve wanted the powder brush for a while and I’m over the moon with how good it is. It creates great coverage with it’s full bodied brush. You can easily sweep powder across the face and neck in sweeping strokes. 
I’ve actually opted to use the concealer brush as a highlighter. I use a Laura Mercier water based foundation and tend to apply it with my finger tips, and I have stippling brush which is great for any problem areas. I love the shape of the concealer brush though, with it’s angled tip. It creates the perfect highlighter shape across the cheekbones. 

Makeup brushes
Real Techniques makeup brushes

Coveted by both bloggers and makeup artists, it’s easy to see why Real Techniques have soared in popularity. They offer a large range of brushes including handy starter sets and travel sets. If you’re looking to invest in some good quality brushes – maybe you’d like to update your current brushes, or perhaps you’re new to experimenting with makeup – I would highly recommend this brand. You can purchase their ‘Core Collection‘ set for just £18.99 from Makeup Brushes. 
If you’re fan of all things rose gold like myself, they also offer a range of premium brushes called ‘Bold Metals’. These are available in rose gold, gold and silver and are at a higher price point – starting from £11-£20 per brush.

Real Techniques powder brush
Real Techniques review

Do you use Real Techniques brushes? What brushes do you swear by and are permanent fixtures in your makeup bag?
P.S Another great feature to the Real Techniques brushes is that they are made with a flat base, meaning they can stand unaided. So if you don’t have a pretty pot, fear not, they can stand alone.