Champagne Experience on the London Eye

View from the London Eye

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend Stew, surprised me with a champagne experience on the London Eye. He booked a 5.30pm slot which gave us incredible views over the city as the sun was setting, and London was lighting up. We had previously mentioned that we should really book a trip on the London Eye at some point, but I’d never guess he would book tickets as a surprise.
He very sneakily made us get off a tube stop too early to throw me off the scent, but as we crossed the River Thames and the London Eye came into view, I knew we would be going on it. The champagne experience is a new addition the regular tickets you can purchase. For an extra £7 (if pre-booked online), you will receive a glass of chilled champagne and a Coca Cola host to accompany you on the flight. I’m unsure of how many people they normally fit into a pod, but on the champagne experience there was only about 10-12 of us. This meant there was plenty of room to move around and get some very special photos.
Champagne experience on the London Eye
London Eye
The trip takes around 30 minutes to complete and the champagne experience also entitled us to fast track entry. Tickets for all types of trip are 20% cheaper online, so it’s well worth booking ahead.
Although we have lived in London for almost a year now, we haven’t attended many tourist sights. This is definitely something I want to do more of in 2016. It’s so easy to become complacent when you live here. You think ‘we can do that whenever’, but then don’t actually end up doing any of it!
The London Eye
Plus it’s nice to feel like you’re on holiday occasionally, soaking up the breath-taking views of London and the buzz of other tourists enjoying their time here .

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