Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Biscuiteers

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How sweet are these scrumptious biscuits from Biscuiteers? They’re so beautiful to look at, let alone taste. The attention to detail in the icing is exceptional. This box set is part of a Mother’s Day theme they are currently advertising online. My Mum is a dab hand at all thing sewing related. When I was growing up I remember her being an avid fan of cross stitch. We had countless little pictures framed and dotted all over our house. She’s also amazing and knitting, having knitted lots of outfits for both my baby dolls as a child, and for me personally to wear. She’s even got into knitting cushion covers recently and decorating them with cute buttons.
As she works part time, she fills her spare time with hobbies like this, that involve some kind of creative flare. She’s had the same sewing box for as long as I remember and I get so nostalgic when I see it. Even now that I’ve moved out, I’m often asking her for help when it comes to sewing buttons back onto clothing, or fixing holes I somehow manage to create. I really should be better at sewing myself, seen as though she’s so fantastic. But unfortunately it seems her wisdom, and attention to detail, haven’t quite rubbed off on me.
When I saw this gift box on the Biscuiteers website I knew that it would be perfect for my Mum for Mother’s Day. The wheels of cotton thread and the strawberry pin cushion are almost identical to ones that my Mum uses. My Mum actually has a tomato shaped pin cushion but it’s in the same colours as the Biscuiteers strawberry. I really can’t believe how realistic they can make a biscuit look!

Mother's Day biscuits from Biscuiteers
Mother's Day gift ideas

Sewing kit biscuit tin – Biscuiters £42.50*
I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a Biscuiteers event recently, and so I know first hand just how hard it is to produce these beautiful biscuits. I’ve always been a little artistic but I really struggled at the finer details. I also know first hand just how delicious they are too. I don’t know what goes into their biscuit mix but they’re so sweet and buttery. It took a lot of strength not to eat a couple as I was photographing them!!
I’ve since wrapped them up and put them in a cupboard so they’re out of site!
If you’re still thinking of an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, you can purchase items from Biscuiteers with their standard delivery (2-3 working days), or you can select next working day and even Saturday delivery, to ensure your gift arrives in time.
You can also add a personalised message to your gift which is a lovely touch.

Mother's Day biscuits

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