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TV console – Lakeland Furniture*

Being in rented accommodation can mean it’s hard to put your stamp on a place, and really make it your home. Although we can’t paint the walls and hang (too many) prints, our flat was almost unfurnished, apart from the sofa. So this has meant we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to build up a collection of furniture that will not only making it more homely, but also last us for (hopefully) many years to come.
The newest addition to our living room is this beautiful Scandanvian style sideboard from Lakeland Furniture. I was slightly worried it would be too big for the space, what with our TV and record player on top, but actually it fits perfectly. Composed of two different coloured woods, plus white doors, it goes perfectly with the rest of our lounge theme. We also have a table and chairs, that can’t be seen in this photo which took on a similar style by chance – we found a drop leaf table on eBay that came with four chairs which we hated, but we loved the table. So we purchased two white chairs in a similar style of designer Charles Eames, to go with it. Our TV unit now fits perfectly with that.
Although we have dark wood floors I think the contrast in wood types make a great mix. Plus with our very minimal (but excellent Instagram backdrop) white walls, the Oslo console combines a bit of everything.

Sweet Monday home, Pinterest, drinks trolley

Another newbie to our living room setup is this gold coloured metal drinks trolley – isn’t it just the best?! I’m so happy with it. After months of browsing US bloggers and images on Pinterest of carefully thought of drinks trolleys, particular at Christmas, we finally found THE one on eBay. A lot of people have asked me where it’s from on Instagram and I have to admit it was a hard task finding one. We scoured eBay, Gumtree and all local auction houses and vintage markets. All of the ones we found in London were either not quite right or super expensive! We then began looking in the areas near both our parents homes, but still didn’t find anything. They seem to be quite sought after at the moment, meaning they’re either high in price or they’ve already been snapped up!
We bought this one for £50 which is quite a lot. I wasn’t originally prepared to pay that much, but when we spotted it I couldn’t resist. We instantly found ourselves in a bidding war and I was worried the price would go up and up! But thankfully we won in the last seconds of the auction ending.

Sweet Monday home
Sweet Monday home

Our bedroom was actually the first room on our hit list when we moved in, and lucky enough I already had furniture from when I previously lived with friends. The living room was a bigger task but six months in we are finally happy with the space. It’s a square room with dark wood floorboards, white walls and a high ceiling, meaning it was really a blank canvas. With one large window, all we knew was that we wanted to keep the room light and airy.
We began by decorating the shelves with Stew’s (never ending) library of books, and souvenirs we collected on our travels – including a Chairman Mao print from China, a Buddha head also from China, a Mexican skull that I received as a leaving present from my job in Melbourne, and a robot money box Stew received from a friend in Perth. To continue the travel theme we also picked up a vintage trunk to use as our coffee table, and that doubles up as extra storage, plus we framed a giant map of the world that Stew bought in Sydney.

Sweet Monday home, Scandinavia TV unit
Sweet Monday home, vintage record player

On a side note how pretty is this Drive vinyl? I bought it for Stew as a Christmas present. I love coloured vinyls.
Anyway, I hope you like my little home update. I might try to share more of these kind of posts if you like them 🙂
You can find more images and items for sale from Lakeland Furniture on their Facebook page too. If we hadn’t already bought dining chairs, I would be ALL over theirs!