Recipes | Roast Chicken with Lemon Bombay Potatoes

Sweet Monday recipes, roast chicken with lemony bombay potatoes

 We found this recipe via Jamie Oliver’s website, and simply doubled the quantities to make the recipe work for 2 people.
It was very easy to make and pretty quick. A great way of having roast chicken mid week. However, the lemon flavour was rather strong, so I think next time we would half the quantity of lemon in the recipe, as we aren’t the biggest fans.
Whilst the recipe looks like it has a lot of spices involved, they’re always a great investment. They can be expensive when you first buy them, but they’ll last forever and open your mind to lots of new recipes, that you might not otherwise try.
I will leave you to follow Jamie’s recipe, if you like the look of this dish and would like to re-create it.
Lemon chicken and bombay potatoes
November 12, 2015