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Sue Ryder

Christmas stocking £2.99 // Christmas bunting £12.99 // Christmas card pack £3.99I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for a few reasons, the first being that the Sue Ryder charity is a charity that I hold close to my heart. If you’re unaware of Sue Ryder, they are a charity offering hospice and neurological care for people who face life changing illnesses. They not only offer an incredible level of care for their patients, but also for their loved ones as they face challenging, difficult times.

A few years ago my uncle was face with a terminal illness. He spent his last remaining months in the care of a Sue Ryder hospice. As a family, we have nothing but praise for the nurses that helped him and his family through that time. They were truly amazing!
Over the years since we have often donated money or raised money for Sue Ryder. Many charities both here and abroad require a lot of fund raising to do the remarkable jobs that they do. It can sometimes be hard to know who to give to, and I am often left feeling guilty when someone asks me on my lunch break for a few minutes of my time. It’s impossible to give to everyone, but in this case as Sue Ryder has affected my family personally, I always try to give when I can, and as much as I can.
Now how does this link to Christmas I hear you ask? Well, one thing I was unaware of is that Sue Ryder has an online shop where they sell a variety of furniture, home accessories, toys and crafts. It’s always fantastic if you can do two things at once, by purchasing something you need and at the same time give to charity! As this was recently brought to my attention, I immediately spent my lunch break having a browse. Their furniture selection is great, and ideal for my home, but alas we have no real room to put anything more in our flat. However, I then spotted their Christmas shop where I found an assortment of decorations, gift ideas, cards and advent calendars. It was here that I made my selections and came out with this bunch of goodies.
Sue Ryder, Charity Christmas gifts
This year will be mine and Stew’s first Christmas in our new home and I really wanted us each to have a stocking. Although we don’t have a fireplace I thought it would still look festive and adds that personal touch. We have a couple of large book shelves above our TV, on the centre of the main wall in our living room, and so I had the idea of hanging this lovely red and cream garland from it.

Sue Ryder online shop

Being the organised person that I am, I also opted to get this pack of Christmas cards. There are so many Christmas cards out there that give a donation to charity. In fact, not only Christmas, but all sorts of greetings cards, and knowing that cards can be so pricey, this is a great way of doing your bit for charity!Although Sue Ryder’s price are already fantastically affordable, they have gone the extra mile by offering my readers a further 15% off. Simply use code KIM15 at the checkout :)Happy shopping!

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