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Cheerz poster – from £11.95

Ever since we arrived back from our travels, I have wondered what to do with the hundreds of photos we took along the way. I’m not one for scrapbooking, and I knew I wanted them on display, but I have hundreds of Instagram ‘polaroid’ prints that now sit in a drawer. Since moving into our new home, I wanted to create something sleek that would fit with the rest of our interiors. Our home is very minimal with white walls, and dark wood flooring. Our furniture is modern and light, so I wanted something that would accompany this, and tie it all together. We already have a few pieces of artwork framed on the walls, and we have a large chest of drawers in our bedroom that has always looked quite lonely. So I got thinking of ways I could decorate this large white space, and how I could incorporate our memorable photos.
Initially I set about collecting together our most favourite snaps from throughout our trip – Australia, Japan and China. This was the most time consuming bit about the idea, but also the most fun. It was great to look back at all of our fantastic experiences, and reminisce on everything we’d accomplished.
I had seen many beautiful frames that I thought would make a great home for the photos, but all of the mounts weren’t too my taste. Being one for details, I knew I wanted all of the photographs to be printed at the same size, and to be neat and symmetrical within the frame. Most mounts that I came across were for the standard 4×6 photograph. None accommodated a nice square (Instagram) image. I was even considering buying a piece of board and carving my own squares into them, creating my own mount! Thankfully before I reached this point, a lovely lady called Katie contacted me from online brand Cheerz.
Katie is originally from Australia, and her friendly message immediately caught my attention. I learned that she once lived in a small east coast town that we visited on our trip. From there she explained that Cheerz is an online photo printing service, where you can connect your Instagram, Facebook, or simply upload from your laptop/phone, and print your favourite photos.
Not only do Cheerz print your photos, but they can also turn them into magnets, or print them in photo booth style strips. You can also get a poster printed like the one featured here, which ticked all of the boxes for what I was looking for. These can be made in a variety of sizes, and can come unframed or framed, where you can choose from colours black or white. You can also choose black or white for the mount around the photos themselves.

This frame costs just £29.95 to make and considering its size, I think it’s great value. I had been looking at frames of a similar size that were just as expensive, if not more so, for the frame alone!
Do you have any memorable photos that you’d like printing? The Cheerz website offers many different options, all of which would make fantastic gifts for loved ones this Christmas, especially the Cheerz Box where you can get 30 prints for someone, beautifully gift wrapped.