How To Make a Terrarium

DIY succulent terrairum

I have been wanting to create a terrarium like the one above for a while now, after seeing so many of them on blogs and Pinterest. To buy, already made, they can be quite expensive, and to even just buy the glass terrarium itself can cost £20-£30. All of the posts I’ve seen on them have put me off, as it’s always seemed like a lot of hassle. There’s always half a dozen materials you need, that you wouldn’t have lying around, and to buy them can soon add up.
However that was until I came across Caroline’s DIY post. When I saw how easy she’d made it, I decided to try my hand at something similar. What took the longest, was hunting around for an affordable terrarium. I ended up finding this one from George at ASDA, for just £10 though, such a bargain!
What you’ll need
3 mini succulents (available from most garden centres/florists)
Succulent soil
Stones for decoration

Succulent terrarium
Step 1: Begin with a layer of gravel at the bottom of your terrarium. This helps with drainage, when watering your succulents.
Step 2: Build up a layer of succulent soil, and make small indentations where you want to place your succulents.
Step 3: Gently pat the soil around the roots of the succulents, making sure they are secure. Add stones around the succulents to decorate.
Step 4: Give the succulents a gentle watering.
DIY terrarium

You should only water succulents once every 3-4 weeks. In between you can give the succulents a light spray of water every 3-4 days, but to be honest in winter they could survive with less. Succulents are very hard plants, similar to a cactus, and really don’t require very much looking after. So this is a great plant if you would like to add some greenery to your home, but have little patience for plants.
Caroline added sand and charcoal to hers. I opted to not use sand, as I couldn’t find any, except 20kg bags from Homebase. Sand is very cheap to buy but I had no other use for it, so it seemed wasteful. And the charcoal is really only to help minimise any odours, but I haven’t noticed any bad smelling succulents!
Have you made a terrarium? Are you green fingered?

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