Matilda the Musical Review

Matilda the Musical

Last Thursday, Stew and I had the fantastic opportunity of watching Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre, in London.
It was a truly mesmerising evening. Only ever having seen one musical before this, I was extremely excited. A few friends of mine had previously seen it, and told me I would love it. And we really did! The entire cast were incredible. It was the children’s first evening performing, but you really couldn’t tell. They were each fantastic and very professional. It blew my mind how they can do it all – act, sing, dance!
The set itself was very entertaining too, with lots of moving objects and swings hanging from the ceiling. It was a lot of fun!

Matilda afternoon tea

To accompany this fabulous evening, we were also treated to a Matilda themed afternoon tea at the Radisson Blu. Stew wasn’t so keen on this part of the outing, so I took Katy along a couple of weekends ago. The tea itself was a mix of traditional afternoon tea, such as smoked salmon bagels, cucumber sandwiches, and of course (my favourite part) scones with jam and clotted cream! There were extra additions though like the elderflower and prosecco jelly shots, which were heavenly (if a little strong!).

Matilda themed afternoon tea
Matilda themed high tea at the Radisson Blu London

All in all, the whole experience was amazing. Something I feel very grateful that I was able to do through my blog. Living in London sure does have it’s perks!

Matilda The Musical is booking at the Cambridge Theatre in London’s West End until 18th December 2016. For more information please see // 0844 412 4652

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