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Left to right: sk:n Vitamin-Rich Cleanser £14.75 // sk:n Anti-Ageing £33.75 // sk:n Anti-Blemish £26

I’ve upped my beauty regime recently, and have been testing out sk:n’s fantastic range of products. As with most beauty products, it takes a while to see the effects. However, I have been trying these for a couple of weeks no and thought it would be a good time to share my review.
Up until now I have been lacking in the ‘taking make-up off’ department. I am certainly no beauty expert, and don’t claim to have a lot of beauty knowledge. However, I do know how important our skin is, especially on our face. Now that I am 27, the idea of skin ageing is more of a concern, so I regularly use anti-ageing products (which I know I probably should’ve started using when I was 22)!

Sk:n vitamin rich cleanser for dry or sensitive skin

I’ve been finding the cleanser really light and non greasy. As it says vitamin-‘rich’, and it’s for dry or sensitive skin, I was expecting to be very dense. But it’s a really light cream, perfect for my face as I tend to have combination skin, so I need the moisture but hate greasy products.

sk:n age-delaying cream for younger skin, anti-ageing review

In comparison, I find the anti-ageing cream is slightly denser and a rich moisturiser. Probably due to the shea butter. But with an anti-ageing cream I do like it to be like this. Completely contradicting what I just said, I know. I’m sure I’m just being silly, but I feel like an anti-ageing cream should be of a creamier consistency, with a richness to it, so that it feels like it’s battling off any incoming wrinkles! Haha!

sk:n anti blemish, blemish control lotion

The blemish lotion I haven’t had chance to use much. I’ve recently had my spots treated medically with tablets, not Reactine, something similar but less strong. So my blemishes have cleared up quite a bit, and hopefully they will stay that way. Around the time of my period however, I still have the odd outbreak so this blemish lotion will come in handy to sooth redness and prevent further breakouts.

sk:n, skin beauty products

Before reviewing this products, I didn’t realise that sk:n also have a number of clinics dotted across the UK. They offer a variety of treatments including laser hair removal, acne scar treatment, mole removal and even tattoo removal!

You can find out more on the sk:n website. Have you tried sk:n products before?