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Nourish, Nourish relax cell protect body cream, Nourish Skincare
Nourish Relax Cell Protect Body Cream – Β£14*

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may have seen my previous review of Nourish Skincare just over a year ago. Created by Dr Pauline Hili, Nourish is a cruelty free, vegan, skincare brand. Pauline combines science and nature in her organic beauty collection, by using biodegradable ingredients, and plant extracts.

Nourish, Nourish relax cell protect body cream, Nourish Skincare

The Nourish website has a helpful guide when choosing the right product for you, with titles including; Treatments, Protect, Balance, Radiance and Relax. This time I chose one of their relax body creams to review, partly because this cream is for sensitive or irritated skin. My hands in particular suffer badly from eczema, and just recently it has flared up again. I find good hand creams hard to come by as many are scented and others are simply not strong enough for my dry skin. It’s always been a problem, so I was keen to use this luxurious shea butter based cream with extracts of argan and borage oil. It also contains vitamin e to prevent collagen depletion, acting as an anti-ageing cream. 
Although it does include a scent of lavender, so far my hands have not felt irritated and the smell is very subtle. I would normally avoid lavender based products, not just because of my skin, but because they tend to smell quite strongly but I was surprised at the soft scent this one gives off. 
I’ve been using this cream for just over a week now and it’s never going to clear my eczema (which it’s not intended to do) but it certainly has helped soothe my dry skin. I’m really pleased that it hasn’t irritated me. Although it’s meant as an all over body cream, I’ve concentrated on my hands as this is the place that needs moisture most. 
I think I may have found a hand cream my hands can get along with πŸ™‚
Have you tried any Nourish products before? If you have any reviews I’d love to see them.

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April 9, 2015