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As mentioned in yesterday’s post I travelled up the country to see the beautiful Katy last weekend and she surprised me with a blogger sleepover that her and Emily had arranged for my homecoming 🙂 I was so excited to see everyone and it was such a fun couple of days catching up, gossiping, laughing, reminiscing on our childhood by watching cheesy 90’s pop videos and eating our body weight in carbs!!
And I was also over the moon to finally meet little Ralph – how cute is he?!

It’s funny as I grow older I feel that I have drifted away from a lot of friends, many of whom I’ve known my entire life. I guess with age comes differences in opinion, differences in what you enjoy, what you are passionate about, what you want out of life. It’s sad in some ways but in others I know my group of girls who I have grown up with will always be there, at all the important occasions – birthdays, weddings, christenings. But I have become closer to other girls in my mid twenties who I have only known for a short space of time. These of course are my ‘blogger’ friends who have come to be real life friends. People I speak to on a weekly if not daily basis, who I have lots in common with, who have similar life goals as myself and who are in similar places in their lives as myself. It’s amazing how this little space of internet has opened up so many possibilities and brought people into my life who I would never have met. Who says meeting people on the internet is dangerous? Haha!
If any of you are speaking to like minded bloggers and are nervous about meeting up at a brand event or blogger meet up. If you feel you don’t have the confidence to put yourself out there – please, please, please push yourself to do so! Because it truly brings fantastic friendships. I remember the first time I met these ladies and many others and organised blogger events and it was a nerve racking experience. But as soon as you get over the initial awkward ‘are you so and so from such and such a blog?’ it becomes natural talking to each other and fills you with confidence. It’s honestly the best thing I could’ve done!

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