DIY // Christmas Wrapping Idea

Sweet Monday, DIY wrapping paper idea, how to make a bow out of paper
Sweet Monday, DIY wrapping paper idea, how to make a bow out of paper

Eek Christmas is a just a week away! How exciting 🙂 If like me you’re on a budget this year and can’t quite believe how much wrapping paper, ribbon bows cost do not fret!! 
I very often wrap my presents in brown paper anyway which costs far less than Christmas wrapping paper. You can normally pick up a roll at your local posts office for a pound or less for at least 5m. Last year I had the idea of stamping my paper with Christmas trees creating my own pattern. This year however I have limited resources and limited money. So last week I came across this fun idea of making bows out of paper. 
It’s really simple to do – you cut 8 strips of paper all the same length and width and then loop each piece together. You then staple or use double sided tape to fix the loops together in the middle creating a figure of 8 shape if you look at them side on. You then arrange the loops in pairs at right angles creating a cross and fix them where the middles meet. You could layer them up as much as you like and then finish the whole thing off with a smaller loop in the middle. 
I feel my instructions are a little complicated without pictures so here’s the video that I found on Google.

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