Beauty // Which Anti-Wrinkle Creams Actually Work?

I’ve got to the age (in fact I’m probably past the age) where I need to start taking better care of my skin. A short while ago I read a blog post, I can’t remember on which beauty blog, that anti-wrinkle creams should be started in your 20’s. Anti-wrinkle creams help prevent wrinkles, therefore you need to use them before you actually have wrinkles. So I’ve begun using a night cream to help beautify my skin whilst I sleep.

Take a trip down the skin-care aisle, and you’ll see a multitude of anti-wrinkle creams, promising to “help you look years younger,” “reverse the effects of aging,” or even “be just as effective as surgery.” But do these creams actually deliver on their promises? Here is a list of the anti-wrinkle creams that actually work, based on data from several sources:
1. Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Night Cream (£4.75)
This is the #1 best-selling night face cream on Amazon. Reviewers rave about this product’s ability to reduce the appearance of their fine lines. However as expected, not all reviewers had noticeable results.
2. Garnier Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Day Cream (£10.00)
This was the top-performing wrinkle cream in a study of anti-wrinkle creams done by Consumer Reports. This cream slightly reduced the appearance of wrinkles in just one hour, and performed better than the rest of the creams over a 12-week period. But buyers beware: the product only worked in about fifty five percent of people, according to Consumer Reports.
3. Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum (£18.70)
This is one of the only anti-wrinkle creams to undergo scientific testing at a University and was discovered to be effective. The results of a study made were published in the British Journal of Dermatology.  However, the cream did not work for everyone. In fact, the authors of the published study state that only 20% of the participants achieved long-lasting results.
4. Skyn Iceland Angelica Line Smoother (£39.16)
This was Good Housekeeping’s “Gold winner” among all anti-wrinkle smoothers tested in the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Despite its price, reviewers on Amazon were slightly less impressed though. In fact, many gave this product a one star review, as they noticed no difference in the appearance of their wrinkles even after several weeks of use.
The take-away? From these results, it is clear that even when anti-wrinkle creams do work, their results vary greatly among users. This is simply because different people have different types of skin so the creams may work for some, but it won’t for another. This is why it is important to consult a beautician such as the ones at Salon Skincare who will be able to help you choose a product to suit your skin.

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