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Sydney Opera House

Since arriving in Sydney we have been so busy. After having a nightmare at the airport and throwing away 7kgs of my beloved clothes and shoes, we’ve been enjoying our first week and have treated it like a bit of a holiday. In between exploring the city again and revisiting restaurants and bars we enjoyed last year on holiday, we’ve been busy looking for apartments and arranging lots of viewings. We saw a few beautiful places, and a few not so great ones, but eventually found a stunning two storey apartment right in the centre of Sydney. The apartment features a huge balcony over looking the city skyline, an open plan kitchen/living area and two double bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. We’re going to be sharing with a couple from New Zealand in their late twenties and the building features an outdoor rooftop pool! I can’t wait to use that when the weather gets a hotter. We’ve been staying in a hotel for the first couple of weeks as we have to wait a while before we can move in. But as soon as we do I’m sure I’ll take some photos to show you all.
Although living in a hotel might sound nice it’s driving me mad! I hate living out of suitcases and not being able to cook and do our washing easily is getting annoying. Although the hotel has facilities for self catering it’s not great and eating out all day every day is very expensive!

Sydney, Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge

On top of that we’ve also had to find new jobs again! This is always the hardest part when moving to a new city but I was organised this time and began looking when we were still living in Melbourne. I secured a part time three month internship at a company called Tailor Maid Communications who handle many Australian fashion and beauty brands, as well as Boohoo Australia. So that’s super exciting! I haven’t started it yet but can’t wait to get stuck in 🙂
I also set up an interview at a bridal boutique called White Runway which I had last week and it went so well that I was asked to come in for a trial last weekend. Since then I’ve been offered a job as a bridal stylist and will be able to work there around my internship which is fantastic. Although I’ve never worked with bridal dresses before my trial was really fun and exciting. The bridal parties I helped were all lovely and so excitable themselves that it rubbed off on to me. It’s so nice to try something different and work with a great group of girls again. I’ve missed that since leaving etailPR at Christmas. Fingers crossed I make some friends through it!

Circular Quay
Sweet Monday blog, Circular Quay Sydney

The best thing so far about moving to Sydney has been the weather. I don’t want to jinx it but it’s been beautiful since we arrived. Highs of 22 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. If this is what their Winter’s like I can’t wait for Summer! It certainly beats the 10 degrees and rain we left behind in Melbourne. I love the fact we can eat alfresco and wear t-shirts and not have to take a jacket, scarf and hat out with us! It does get pretty chilly at night though.

Spit coastal walk to Manly

The photos above and below are from a walk we did on Sunday from Spit (North of Sydney) to Manly a beautiful seaside town which we visited last year. The walk was a whopping 10km and we finished it in just under 3 hours, stopping off for photos along the way. Although we’ve been walking everywhere around the city as it’s the best way to explore, my legs were feeling like jelly by the end of this. Nothing that a cold cider couldn’t fix though!

Manly to Spit costal walk

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