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The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills, Coca cola ox cheek waffle

Before arriving in Sydney a few friends had recommended that we go for brunch at The Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills. This suburb is full of trendy places to eat and drink, and The Paramount Coffee Project didn’t disappoint.
Set in an old warehouse type building upstairs you can find an old school cinema and in the back of the restaurant is a hipster bike shop. Random but that’s what makes these kind of places so popular and interesting. The best thing about this restaurant is in the name… the coffee! They change their menu every month and use lots of different local coffee manufacturers so it’s a great place to keep revisiting if you like your coffee and want to try something different. I have been getting into coffee since living in Australia (well lattes and cappuccinos) but I opted for their pomegranate soda on this occasion as it was a hot day.

The Paramount Coffee Project Surry Hills Sydney
The Paramount Coffee Project
The Paramount Coffee Project Sydney

The food is equally as amazing as their coffee. With a range of unusual ingredients and flavours it’s hard to choose what to try. I wanted to eat the entire menu! But we had been told that we couldn’t visit with out trying their famous coca cola ox cheek waffles so we went for that and their aubergine schnitzel. Both were incredibly flavoursome and left your taste buds tingling for more. the coca cola ox cheek was like nothing I’ve tasted before, and being served on top of a sweet waffle with salsa was unusual to say the least but it worked fantastically.

If you’re planning on visiting Sydney this place is a must!

Paramount Coffee Project
Paramount Coffe Project, Aubergine schnitzel
The Paramount Coffee Project

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