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Sweet Monday, Prawn Sagnaki
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Sweet Monday Recipe, Shrimp Sagnaki

Last week after venturing to the Queen Victoria Market again where we picked up a handful of fresh prawns we made this delicious prawn sagnaki. I’d seen the recipe on The Londoner’s blog (whom I look at regularly for recipe inspiration). Rosie’s photos are a lot better than mine so I thought I’d link to her post for the full recipe instead of repeating it here. 
In essence though it is simply prawns, feta, garlic, cherry tomatoes, tinned tomatoes, dill and a tasty loaf of bread. We went with an olive bread that we also bought at the Queen Victoria Market however you could use any bread you wish. 
I can’t to have a home with big windows and lots of natural light. It’s so hard to photograph food well and we make so many tasty recipes. Dammit!

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