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Sweet Monday, Poppy Lux
Poppy Lux floral skirt, Sugarhill Boutique
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Daniel Wellington
Sweet Monday, outfit, Poppy Lux
Barry M Matte Crush
Skirt – Poppy Lux* // Crop top – Topshop // Boots – Sidewalk Soul // Watch – Daniel Wellington // Nails – Barry M ‘Crush’

Finally some colour in my wardrobe! I’m in love with this gorgeous high waisted floral skirt from Poppy Lux, the sister brand of Sugarhill Boutique. I was sent this item to review as part of their new ‘Holiday Dressing’ campaign where they’ve created a holiday shop on the Sugarhill Boutique website comprising of both brands.
Although it’s Winter now in Melbourne it’s still warm some days with highs of 20+ degrees. So when the sun’s out it’s easy to wear an outfit like this. It’s always best to take a cardigan and umbrella though as the weather here can change in a second. Pretty similar to the UK really.
Are you familiar with Poppy Lux and Sugarhill Boutique? I’ve noticed them both popping up on a number of my favourite blogs. They have some really gorgeous items.
On another note, Stew and I are doing a tour of the Neighbours set today including inside the studios and Ramsey Street itself. Although I haven’t watched Neighbours since I was a child I’m looking forward to going 🙂 I’ll try and get some good photos so I can blog about it.

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