Rice Queen, Melbourne

Rice Queen, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Last week Stew and I headed to Fitzroy for dinner. Before indulging in our N2 ice-cream we dined at Rice Queen! Based on Brunswick street, Rice Queen offer a delicious menu of oriental dishes. Scroll down for what we tried… The caramelised pork bites were quite possibly the most incredible thing we’ve both ever tasted. They simply melted in the mouth. I can’t begin to describe just how amazing they tasted, which is annoying because I want you all to know!! Haha.

Rice Queen, Ssam crispy fish lettuce wrap

For starter I tried the Ssam style lettuce wrap with crispy fish. Yum! Below is the twice cooked pork which is served with green nam jim, crispy shallots and garlic chips.

Rice Queen, Caramelised pork bites
Rice Queen, Lamb backstrap

And finally above is wok fried lamb backstrap with Hong Kong style pepper sauce and steamed rice. Everything tasted amazing but nothing could quite compete with the pork. So much so that we left a piece each to have at the very end of the meal! God we’re such foodies.

Rice Queen, Melbourne

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