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N2 Extreme Gelato Melbourne

Ever since landing in Melbourne we’ve wanted to visit the popular ice-cream parlour ‘N2 Extreme Gelato‘. Located in the super cool suburb of Fitzroy (think Shoreditch), we finally got the opportunity to visit last week. 
Their ice-cream is made using liquid nitrogen which makes it have an incredibly smooth texture. It also means that they can make the ice-cream to order at the ideal temperature of -6 degrees. The whole look of the parlour is like a scientific lab. The nitrogen not only makes the ice-cream taste amazing but its amazing to watch too!

N2 Extreme Gelato
Ice-cream Melbourne

As far as I’m aware the menu changes often and they ask fans to submit flavours through their website for them to try out. As we went shortly after St Patrick’s Day everything had a theme. We chose Ferrero Rocher flavour which came with rice krispies and chocolate on top creating that crunchy outer layer, plus a syringe of warm chocolate! Mm mm.

Melbourne gelato
N2 Extreme Gelato Fitzroy
Fitzroy Melbourne

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