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Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Graffiti

A couple of Sundays ago I went on a little adventure around the city on my own with my trusty camera. Together with Stew we visited Hosier Lane last April and as soon as we got here last month. If you haven’t heard of it before this small laneway hidden in the city centre of Melbourne is a bit of a tourist attraction!
Located opposite Federation Square once you stumble upon Hosier Lane it will take you some time to take in all of the street art it has to offer. The laneway is small but the walls are full to bursting! Every so often the artwork changes and this Sunday it happened to be different to what I’d previously posted on Instagram so I pulled out my camera and got snapping.

Hosier Lane
Graffiti, Melbourne
Hosier Lane graffiti
Melbourne street art
Melbourne graffiti
Street art
Hosier Lane street art
Hosier Lane artists

I think you’ll agree, it’s pretty impressive! You can find various pieces of fantastic street art all over the city of Melbourne but Hosier Lane is definitely one spot that can’t be missed if you ever visit.

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