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Found Chapel Street, Found Sramble
Found Chapel Street Melbourne, brunch, salmon bagel

Last weekend Stew and I treated ourselves to brunch at a local cafe called Found. It’s located on Chapel Street in a sweet alleyway filled with clothing and accessory stalls. You can’t see it from the road so we only found it because a colleague of Stew’s told us about it. Hence the name Found, you really do have to find it!
I opted for the Found Scramble which consists of two pieces of sourdough bread covered with a generous helping of scrambled eggs, bacon, mushroom, spinach, red pepper and chilli. On a side note, for any of you visiting Australia they call peppers capsicums. So red capsicum or green capsicum. If you say pepper they’ll think you mean salt and pepper. There’s a few words that are different here which I’m still getting used to.
Stew went for the poached egg and salmon bagel which looked amazing but he said he preferred mine. I had a fruit juice and Stew had a mini latte, and we both paid $19 for our meals which works out as about £10. Not bad at all! And over here you get free water with every meal which you definitely need in the heat! Although it’s heading into Autumn here soon it’s still pushing 35 degrees most days. And considering Melbourne is one of the coldest cities in Australia that’s pretty damn hot!
I was a big fan of brunch when I went on holiday to Sydney last year but I always opted for a sweet option – porridge, fruit salad or french toast. All of which I loved! But if I’m being honest I’m not a huge fan of eggs or salmon and I find every brunch option seems to include one or the other. When it’s something savoury like that it makes it more like lunch, and for lunch I would never choose to have eggs as I’m just not fussed. So there I was thinking I’d be a lady who brunches and now I don’t think I even like brunch! Shocking.

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