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Brighton Melbourne

On one of our rare days off together Stew and I took the fifteen minute train ride from South Yarra to Brighton. I’d heard and seen many photos online of the Brighton beach huts. Being a fan of Brighton UK I was excited to see what Brighton Melbourne had to offer.
While the beach huts are pretty the town is obviously not a patch on the true Brighton. However this quaint little suburb of Melbourne attracts a lot of visitors. With a long beach that wraps around the coast you can walk for hours if you wish or dine in one of the many cafe’s Brighton has to offer.

Brighton beach huts
Brighton beach Australia
Australian beach huts

The beach huts themselves are really pretty. There’s not as many as I thought their might be but some of them are beautifully decorated. The one below is my personal favourite. I love the colours and the lovely bird illustration.

Brighton Melbourne Australia

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