Miss Selfridge Glitter Tube Skirt

Miss Selfridge diamond glitter tube skirt
diamond glitter tube skirt Miss Selfridge
Miss Selfridge tube skirt
Top – Missguided // Skirt – Miss Selfridge // Boots – Surfdome // Necklace – River Island via Asos // Bag – LaRedoute // Lipstick – Mac ‘Chilli’ // Shirt – Stussy

Last week I blogged about what I was going to wear out on Valentines night and here it is! I absolutely love this skirt from Miss Selfridge although it’s a lot like the Primark glitter mini skirt I bought last year – the glitter goes everywhere! I left a trail everywhere I went so Stew couldn’t lose me haha.
I thought I’d include Stew in this post. I highly doubt Sweet Monday will ever turn into a his and hers blog, however he is now the man behind the camera and deserves a mention from time to time 🙂 Plus I love this Stussy shirt of his so really wanted to feature it. It’s rather long but I guess that’s the style of Stussy, big and baggy. We spent our Valentines eating out and drinking far far too much rum! Which ended up in us both being extremely drunk, talking Australian politics with two Aussies, befriending two British girls for a cigarette, dancing in a club with no dancefloor and Stew pushing me home because I was walking (stumbling) too slowly. Haha! All in all it was a great night and we’ve now found a number of bars on Chapel Street that have some very tempting happy hours. My memory is hazy but I do recall drinking Mojito’s for £3.50! No wonder we were merry.

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