Guest post: Style icon Alexa Chung by The Little Magpie

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When Kim asked me if I fancied doing a wee guest post for her I decided to put together a ‘style bible’ (that term makes me sick in my mouth a bit, but it’s the best ones for it) and it seemed only fitting to base it around my number one lady: The Chung. It’s pretty clich√© to use her as a style icon, I know, but – to me anyway – all her outfits are perfect; even the ones I wouldn’t wear myself I have to admire for how flawlessly they’ve been styled. And her hair… Oh, don’t get me started on how much I love those locks of hers. Above is a little collage of some of my favourite of her outfits – I could have listed a whole lot more but didn’t want to risk venturing into restraining order territory. 

What do you guys think of Alexa, who’s your main style icon out there?

Amy x

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