Guest post: A few of our favourite things by Little Winter

Today’s guest post is by the lovely Katy from Little Winter and her beautiful family!

Every Monday when we’re out food shopping, we browse through the reduced flowers and rescue them for a couple more weeks of life. Little B sometimes surprises me with two bunches so that I can spend my mornings rearranging them all into various vases around the house. I like to think I’m a florist.

We’ve just moved into our new house which is officially ours, and we love nothing more than redecorating a room to suit us best. The living room was our first project, and with it nearly finished, it’s become our favourite room in the house. The coffee table looks complete with a few hot drinks and some tasty chocolates.

Like most girls (and some guys), I never need an excuse to buy a pretty dress. For every two purchases I make, Little B gets a treat too (it’s only fair!) and with my weekends back, the wardrobe is forever growing. Nothing beats black boots to suit any occasion and clothing. Or desert boots in Little B’s case.

Little R has just been introduced to the big outdoors after being a housecat for a year. We’ve been letting him out every morning, and once the patio door’s open, we tend to take our coffee’s outside to spend time watching him in his element. He’s just learnt how to climb trees and bring us wet leaves instead of mice (at the moment!).

When we’ve got a day together which doesn’t happen too often, we try to head somewhere old or new for a potter around in the fresh air. We’re fans of fresh farm shop lunches (including a slice of cake!) so a walk around the local village is always a chosen favourite. If we’re feeling adventurous we head to London for the night!

And of course one of our favourite things about this blog (as in this one we’re currently on today) is the beautiful little lady Kimbolina (and our other pal Steph!). We’ve not seen Kim since the beginning of December, and although we don’t tend to meet up every month we sure do miss her and her luscious locks, but we can bet that she’s having the most amazing time with Stew (he’s a bit of a stud alright). And whilst she’s away, we’ll each be spending our time checking the front door awaiting those love letters from across the sea. It’s the little things.
Katy x

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