DIY: Christmas table decoration & wreath

Christmas table decoration, handmade table decoration, candle decoration, Christmas candle, centrepiece

Every year my Mum and I make our own handmade Christmas table decoration/centrepiece. We’ve been doing this for many years now and they always end up very similar but it’s lovely to make something unique.
Our dining room table is a small round table so our centrepiece is quite understated but still beautiful. Many years ago my Dad chopped a piece of wood for us to use as the base and we’ve carried on using it ever since. My Mum attached some felt material underneath to stop it from scratching.
We begin with some oasis bought from our local florist, it’s really cheap! You can buy huge blocks for just a couple of pounds. There’s a nail drilled into the wood from underneath that we wedge a candle down on to each year to keep it sturdy, and push it through the oasis so we can decorate all around the outside.
You need to wet the oasis to make is soft and easy to poke your decorative bits into. We always use left over parts of our Christmas tree to bulk the decoration out and then use holly and berries picked from our garden. 

Christmas table decoration, handmade table decoration, candle, festive
Christmas table decoration, handmade table decoration, holly

We also have some glittery cones and material roses left over from something else but you could use anything you wish. If you want to use real roses be aware they will die quickly. But fake flowers can sometimes look just as good and are cheap to buy. You could buy cones or pick some if you live near a forest like me. Adding a touch of glitter to their edges makes a nice festive touch. 
When the whole decoration is covered you can’t see the oasis or the base of the candle 🙂 

Christmas table decoration, handmade table decoration

This year we also went one step more and made our very own handmade Christmas wreath to hang on our front door. We’ve never done this before but it was really easy. You can actually buy the plastic circles that the wreath are attached too but the ones we found were at least £5, making it more worthwhile to just buy the entire wreath.
So instead my dad had some sturdy thick wire which he bent into a rough circle. My Mum and I then began securing holly, tree, berries, flowers and cones with sandwich bag ties. This can be quite tedious and they do move around but if you secure them as tightly as possible and build it up in layers it’s soon thick enough to stay in place.
This week we’ve had some horrendous weather and our wreath is still hanging perfectly in place 🙂

Christmas wreath, handmade wreath

What do you think? Do you make anything like this for Christmas? I’d love to see your handmade bits if you’ve posted about them on your blog.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

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