The Story So Far…

If you read this blog post you will know all about my recent collision with a little thing called happiness! A whirlwind 8 week, intense romance came to a sudden but expected halt when said person caught a flight to Thailand with no intention of returning in the forseeable future.
Well since that dreaded day in November we have surprised ourselves and managed to keep in regular contact, pretty much every day since. And with these messages our feelings for eachother haven’t passed but have continued to grow and so I am now planning a getaway to the land down under this April.
Yes I am quite literally living the life of a hollywood film, or so it feels!
Romance has never ran smoothly for me and I should’ve known that things would be no different with the one person that could change everything. So I’ve been well and truly swept off my feet and I am now about to embark on ‘a grand adventure’ to Australia for a short lived but very excitable two weeks.
As much as I want to see all the grand sights of Sydney, which I will make sure we do, it is really only his face that I am flying 10,500 miles for 🙂 And if all goes to plan, if we still get on just as well as we think we do, and spend two weeks blissfully happy, then I will hopefully see him again in a further 5-6 months.
So this grand adventure is pretty damn grand, considering I’d known him for no more than two months before we spent 8 wonderful weeks together to be ripped apart by the greatest distance any ‘long distance’ relationship could be defined as. And now we intend on spending just two weeks together after being apart for almost 6 months to then be apart for another length of time.
So you could say there is a lot resting on this trip, the possibility of the happiness of the rest of my life!!
And so for this reason, I am entering Money Supermarket’s competition to write a blog post about ‘A Grand Adventure’ I am embarking on this year in the hope that I win the grand prize of £1000.
Although I am currently saving every penny I can master, a prize like this could not come at a better time, it would certainly make the trip that much more magical and if I were to win I would definitely call it fate. So here’s hoping! 🙂
But in the mean time I will continue to empty my purse of change at the end of every day, sell many of my possessions on here and transfer the remainder of my account at the end of each month.

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