Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas for tomorrow 🙂 This year is an extra special Christmas in a sense. So much has changed in my life this year and I have been so excited to spend this Christmas blissfully with my family.
I moved out of my family home a couple of months ago to live with my best friend in a small two bedroom flat and the photos above are a few festive ones of our humble abode. It was lovely to go out and buy a real tree with Millie this time and make it our own. 
However now I am back home at my parents for the week as I have 10 days off work! Woo woo!
And I was lucky enough to be able to decorate their tree a couple of weeks ago too. 
It feels like we’re having two Christmas’ this year which is amazing as I LOVE Christmas! And it’s great to come back home to no arguments with the Mother and to actually enjoy each others company to the full. It’s weird how moving out changes so many things. There’s no time to bicker all evening as we don’t get the chance to see each other as much now of course.
Anyway, the extra special part to this Christmas is that the person mentioned in this blog post is going to Skype me tomorrow, on Christmas day! Which will be the best Christmas present I could possibly receive. I’ve been in relationships before over the Christmas period but although this time he can’t be here to celebrate with me, and to spoil rotten, it still feels just as special if not more so 🙂 I think the distance between us makes us both appreciate each other and the few moments we get to talk so much more. 
I’m far too excited just thinking about tomorrow and getting to speak to him so I must go!
But have a lovely Christmas! I can’t wait to see everyones posts afterward of what they received 🙂

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