DIY | Christmas Cards

So Christmas is just around the corner and if like me you’ve now bought all your presents and you bank account is pretty low, what do you do about Christmas cards?
Re-use/recycle old ones! I always make my own cards, it’s so much more affordable.

What you’ll need:
Old Christmas cards, Ribbons, Buttons, Glue, Scissors,

Wrapping Paper

Ribbon card
Step 1. Cut out Christmas shapes from wrapping paper – Christmas tree, snowman, reindeer etc.
Step 2. Glue cut out shapes on to front of card (however you like)
Step 3. Push pen/pencil through the crease of card to create two holes roughly 2 inches from the ends of the card.
Step 4. Push ribbon through holes so both ends are facing outwards. Tie into bow!

Pop up card
Step 1. You can either use a plane card or an old Christmas card. Once you have your template cut parallel lines in the middle of the card where it will pop out: The cut should not be more than half the page otherwise the pop out will stand out when you close it.
Step 2. Then push the flaps forward and begin cutting out separate pieces of card which you want to pop out. Easy shapes to cut out would be stars, circles and triangles to make a tree.
Step 3. Once you have stuck the shapes down on to the flaps use another card to cover the cuts and then you are done.

Baubles on a card – My Favourite!
Step 1. Draw a large circle on the card you which to use with a pencil, make sure you have enough buttons to fill it in with.
Step 2. Stick different shapes of buttons within the circle firmly with glue, alternately if you cannot use buttons cut lots of different shapes of circles using the old cards.
Step 3. Finally, cut a piece of ribbon and if you can tie it fold in two pieces at the top, this will then look like Christmas baubles.

December 16, 2012