Daniel Wellington Watch Review

Jumper: Charity shop
Shorts: Being Little
Scarf: Gift
Boots: River Island
Watch: Daniel Wellington*
How beautiful is this watch? I have loved classic style watches like this one for so long now, but already having a retro Casio watch I have resisted temptation. I then saw Milly blog about a gorgeous watch and a couple of days after an amazing email appeared in my inbox from Daniel Wellington. I was over the moon to be gifted such a beautiful present like this 🙂 When browsing the Daniel Wellington website I knew exactly which one I wanted immediately. I love this one for it’s tan leather wrist band and rose gold frame, it’s beautiful.
The cute engraving of ‘DW’ on the fastening and a matching one of the reverse of the leather strap add perfect finishing touches to a very high quality watch.
This particular style comes in black leather and a silver frame or many different coloured striped straps. They also offer a wide range of mens watches and accessories too. Think true elegant British style 🙂 manufactured in Sweden and sold Worldwide.

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