Disco Pant Dupes!

Available in black, pewter, blue and gold. 
I have these disco pants in a size 10 which fit me perfect and I’m a size small in the American Apparel ones. They’re much more glossy than the AA ones but are the best dupe I’ve seen featured on blogs as of yet.
Available in black, purple and wine.
Available in berry and red. 
Available in black, purple, red, blue, orange, navy and turquoise. By far the biggest range of colours!
By far the cheapest out of the most accurate looking dupes. I saw Kristy feature these on her blog if you’d like to take a closer look. Only available in black. 
Available in blue, black and red. The blue pair look exactly the same as my blue American Apparel ones if a little brighter.

High waisted metallic jeans available in colour ‘Pewter Crush’. Not exactly disco pants but give the same high waisted look.

If you’ve been a fan of my blog for a while you will know my love of disco pants! I own the American Apparel ones in midnight blue and have now bought a pair of the Glamorous ones in black, both of which I love and wear all the time. But since I have seen many more dupes come on to the market so I thought I’d do a post showing a few of them for anyone who is still debating whether to get a pair or debating over which pair to get in particular. So here you are! I can’t speak for all of the dupes on here as I haven’t seen or tried on any in real life except the Glamorous ones. But what I will say is if you’re still uming and ahing over whether to get a pair, any pair, I will say GET A PAIR! 🙂 They’re my favourite leggings/trousers that I own now and will see me right through Autumn/Winter. Definitely a wardrobe essential.


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