Ombre to clear nails

Rimmel: Blue My Mind
Models Own: Lilac Dream
Models Own: Top Coat
I’ve attempted ombré nails a couple of times before including this glitter set but the other day whilst browsing the internet I came across a photo of ombré nails where they had kept the nail clear of nail polish.  Usually I would paint the nail one colour and gently dab a second colour over top starting from the nail tip gradually getting less nail polish as you go down the nail. So this time I have done the same thing but kept the nail clear of polish to begin with.
This time I used Models Own Lilac Dream first dabbing to about half way down the nail with a sponge (cut off a piece of my mums washing up sponge ha) and then used Rimmel Blue My Mind on the very tips. It actually looked really good with just the Models Own but I wanted the tips darker.
They’re so hard to photography, they look much more ombré’d in real life but you get the jist 🙂 
If you’ve never tried this particular design before I’d recommend it as they’re so easy to do and they last for a lot longer somehow, barely chipping. I’ve had mine done since Friday and they’ve chipped twice but so small you wouldn’t notice.

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