Oh My Love

Dress: Oh My Love (won from Amy’s giveaway)
Blazer: Primark
Earrings: Topshop
Shoes: c/o Runway Shoes
Ok so really there’s only one thing to talk about in this post…. HELLO INSANE SHOES! These beauties are from Runway Shoes, and are very similar to the amazing Jeffrey Campbell ones. If Jeffrey is out of your price budget I would recommend taking a look at Runway Shoes for similar designs and much more affordable prices.
Now I did need a little help walking in these from my friend Millie who bless her heart was there to catch me in case I fell! They are extremely high due to the huge platform front but are surprisingly comfortable and the sculpted heel is beautiful. 
I think I need more practice before I wear these out and to surround myself with super tall people as I’m about 6ft in these haha. But in the mean time they are on display in my bedroom taking pride of place in my shoe collection. 


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